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Why Raw?

At one point we considered getting a Golden Retriever and the breeder said “ I feed my dogs a raw diet.” I was intrigued with the concept and started reading everything I could find on the subject. It made so much sense! The testimonials from raw feeders was amazing, many saying their pets had better coat and skin, cleaner teeth, less health issues and smaller more compact stools.  
We got to test this out when we fostered a beagle who later we adopted. He had terrible ear infections and was on antibiotics and would cry every time you even touched his ears. I decided to switch all my dogs to a raw diet. That was 7 years ago and I would never go back to kibble. Our beagle, Ziggy has never had another ear infection. All my dogs are healthy, full of energy and very happy and excited at meal times and we love not picking up oversized stools. I am a true believer that dogs as well as humans “are what you eat!”  

To Veggie or not to Veggie

I never thought there were benefits to feeding veggies and fruits to dogs. Whenever I make a salad my dogs love it. They stand vigil and hope I drop a morsel or throw a carrot or a piece of cabbage or lettuce their way. This past summer we had a vegetable garden and experienced a major “break in.” It wasn’t a rabbit or deer…….. It was our dogs. They ate the collard greens, cabbage and parsley to the quick. They also pick their own raspberries off the vine , enjoy apples that fall off the trees and certain grasses that are in the yard. It convinced me that they may not need fruits and vegetables but certainly do enjoy eating them. 

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Ramapaw Natural offers a variety of raw pet food.  

Tefco products are from USDA inspected plants and serving breeders and zoos for 40 years. Products are free from artificial preservatives and include, Performance Dog, 100% beef, green tripe and bones.